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Ashley Jay Hunting

Ashley Jay

Ashley Jay is 25 years old and currently residing in Greenville, South Carolina. She’s always had a passion for the outdoors and grew up heavily involved with equestrian riding and learning about conservation in the Florida Everglades. Her journey as an outdoor personality started in 2009 when she began to shoot competitive archery. Jay then became a student of the outdoors by reaching out to those around her to learn as much as she could about wildlife, hunting and farming. Since she got started, she hasn’t looked back and is thankful that the Lord opened up so many opportunities.

Jay is now the co-host of Knight and Hales Ultimate Hunting on the Outdoor Channel with legends Harold Knight and David Hale. In addition, she shoots competitively in ASA tournaments, works with PRADCO Outdoor Brands, serves as an assistant coach for the high school volleyball team, competes in NPC fitness competitions, trains horses and gets to travel the world hunting and sharing with those who have the same passion for the outdoors as she does. As busy as she is, Jay still makes time for her most important blessing of all in her three year old daughter, Kylie. Jay’s career in the outdoor industry is just getting started and she gives credit and thanks to Mossy Oak and the many men and women who have put their time and effort into helping her grow, believing in her and assisting her in chasing her dreams.