The Aiming For A Cure Foundation is built upon a foundation of committed people with a great passion to help children and their families that suffer from various forms of cancer.

Sponsor Information

Aiming for a Cure Foundation Sponsorships are updated yearly from March 15th of the sponsorship year to March 14th of the following year. For event specific sponsors please visit that event’s page(s).

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor for an event please contact us to make a financial contribution to the Aiming for a Cure Foundation.

When you are a sponsor of the Aiming for a Cure Foundation you are in the presence of companies and individuals who have poured out their hearts, time and money to assist in the betterment of living conditions and in hospital living lifestyle for these children and their families.

The major benefits of sponsorship include the wonderful things it does for these kids and their families but also the tremendous and uplifting pride and satisfaction your receive in knowing about the positive difference you’ve made for people in need. Helping to finance the foundation, an event, donating money, products or services make it even easier for us to generate the desperately needed funds for the programs to which we are providing support and assistance.

Additionally, you will receive web site linkage and recognition as well the field naming for marketing purposes. Keep in mind that these fields will be filled with some of the most respected upland game hunters in the Midwest along with other sponsors and celebrities.

Following is a list of the standard sponsorship programs and packages that are currently available for the Aiming for a Cure Foundation.

Sponsor Packages AVAILABLE

These Sponsorship Packages are for cash donations only. Item and service donations will also be recognized but in a different manner. All donations must have a form filled out to ensure proper recognition.

If you’d like to get involved but are unable to participate at one of these sponsorship levels, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. There are many ways we can help these kids and their families and time and support can be just as important as other types of contributions. We welcome participation at any level.